5 Jan 2014

ASOS. Is it a love affair to last?

Free advertising, whoooops. I rant and rave about this place so much that I really do think they should pay me. 

ASOS, arguably one of the largest online retailers of designer and high street brands that you will come across. It is only fourteen years old but I can guarantee, if you like fashion, you like ASOS. And even if you don't, sorry, wait... what am I saying? 

When it comes to ASOS... I am, admittedly, a serial shopper. I see the word *sale* or 'limited time discount code' and I'm off! Yet let's face it, an ASOS sale is never really a sale. However, it is hard to see what could go wrong. Free delivery regardless of how little you can afford to spend and usually OK customer service. Except when they offer you 10% discount... which you already get.
I have recently however, received one, very dirty package... with no reasoning, containing a faulty item. Next to my order from Boux Avenue, it was not very impressive, at all! I cannot be bothered with the hassle, and I think I'd rather have my money right now! Additionally I have noticed is that ASOS are also very slow at acknowledging your returned items. Over the Christmas period I was left waiting for over two weeks, not great when I'd spent so much on presents already!

As for the range of items, ASOS are a solid 9/10, I just wish their service was a bit better.

My recent hoard. Too much to spend the day after Christmas... and I didn't stop there. Oops? Yes, oops. Hands up if you too have succumbed to the ASOS sale. I know you're out there. 

Top tips:
  • Not got much to spend on clothes this month? Your saved basket is your best friend. "Low in stock" = Time to make that purchase! (Although I do wonder if this is always genuine hmmm.)
  • A reduced River Island skirt may just be a whole £8.00 cheaper in the sale at where do you wonder... the River Island site. 
  • A 30% off sale is always followed by, what do you know, a 50% off sale! Especially in January. 
  • UNIdays; another essential companion. Free to sign up, 10% off is yours.
  • The marketplace? Don't waste your time. 

K x

1 Jan 2014

New year, new me? Not quite.

I have never been a fan of the New Year. Killjoy, here, sorry. I simply don't agree with the idea of there being one time, one day, to decide to change a whole years worth of regrets and mistakes. Then again, I don't disagree with those who do use it as a landmark day to really embrace the things they want to change. You've got to start somewhere, and if that's what helps you, I wish you all the luck.

So saying that, I am a fan of *reasonable* resolutions.

I haven't done a great deal, for myself, this year, so that's going to be one of mine. To do the things that I want to do, without creating reasons why I can't or shouldn't. Even if I have to do them alone. (But hopefully not.) I have also decided I will make a conscious effort to spend less time on my Macbook, and to read more, especially now I own my very own Kindle. 

For me though, what I enjoy more is keeping a memory jar to see what's made me smile, and to see what I've achieved this year.  So what have I done for the first time this year? 

Personal achievements:

  • I went ice skating. Sadly, no pics. Bad photographer moment.
  • I had my one year anniversary with Jack. 
  • I learnt how to pull a pint after getting a job with the worst boss known to man. 
  • I spent a whole weekend home alone.
  • I earnt and saved over a thousand pounds (to put towards my camera), a big accomplishment for a spendaholic. 
  • I sold something on eBay. 
  • I went out, legally.
  • I made my first pair of wire earrings. Next step: sell a pair.
  • I made my first bank deposit, like a responsible adult.
  • I learnt to pole dance. 
  • I learnt how to shoot and develop film all by myself.
  • I learnt how to be less selfish, and ultimately spent quite a lot of money to take my father to see one of his favourite comedians which was genuinely one of the best nights of the year because he loved it so much. 


  • I had and still have more than one (more than two) jobs at once, workaholic over here. 
  • I got explored on Flickr, multiple times! I now have over 300 contacts, amazingly.
  • I shot my first studio shoot.
  • I got an unconditional offer to study photography.
  • Getty Images approached me via Flickr.
  • I started working for the biggest sports and event Photography company in the UK & Ireland: DEPhoto.
  • I got paid to photograph my home city's fresher's bar crawl.
"People inspire you, or they drain you. Pick them wisely." - Hans F. Hansen